Massachusetts Hispanic Scholarship Fund Launches Outreach Program with Lawrence High School

The Massachusetts Hispanic Scholarship Fund (MAHSF) launched its inaugural high school outreach program with Lawrence High School (LHS) for the 2022-2023 academic year working with LHS where we began our outreach, education and scholarship programs. Today, MAHSF had a fantastic opportunity to engage with students at LHS.  We worked with the students to understand their plans and challenges in attending college, while educating them on not only MAHSF’s scholarship but other relevant Hispanic-oriented scholarships available to them.


These seniors have been taking college courses at Northern Essex Community College as part of Northern Essex’s Early College partnership program, where students take high school and college courses during their school year at no cost.  Some students have taken up to 8 college courses since their Junior year and have earned college credit as a head start in their pursuit to attend college in the Fall of 2023.


In March our scholarship application will become available to seniors.  See information on our scholarship program here.  In May, we look forward to presenting our scholarship to a deserving student at Lawrence High School during the Senior Awards night.