Medtronic Sponsors Massachusetts Hispanic Scholarship Fund in Conjunction with Latina Equal Pay Day

The Massachusetts Hispanic Scholarship Fund (MAHSF) is excited and thankful to be working with Medtronic’s Hispanic Latino Network on Latina Equal Pay Day today. Donations today made to MAHSF from Medtronic employees will be matched by Medtronic. Medtronic comes on as a sponsor, joining the many other sponsors that are working with us as we address some of the most challenging issues Hispanic students and families face in navigating scholarships and provide an impactful scholarship of our own.

Medtronic, a global healthcare technology solutions leader, has a strong presence in Massachusetts with offices in Danvers and Littleton, MA and has been working in the Commonwealth since 1950. In 1979, the Medtronic Foundation was established, reinforcing a commitment to corporate citizenship.

For the 2022-2023 school year, the Massachusetts Hispanic Scholarship Fund is working with Lawrence High School to engage with students, guidance, faculty and parents and provide an impactful scholarship. It is fantastic to work with Medtronic who is supporting our efforts in conjunction with their Hispanic Latino Network.